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How a high-tech client increased their revenue by 75% in 12 months. 


A leading provider of technology services to the legal industry came to SRi five years after its establishment. While they had a happy and dedicated customer base, and a strong partner network, new competitors both large and small were entering the market and there was no competitive strategy to position and win against them. 
With a sales team of 20 unable to make quotas and a big goal on the horizon, our client needed to change fast in order to reach their goal of 75% revenue growth in one year. This meant diffusing a concentrated customer base and expediting the build of a scalable sales organization. 


The client opted for a Winning Sales Foundation™ solution package with the following goals:
  • Eliminate large client concentration dependency through new customer acquisition
  • Develop a scalable, predictable and repeatable sales “engine”;
  • Create value propositions and messaging for solutions to key prospect verticals
  • Create disciplined territory/funnel and forecast management system
  • Establish a hunting sales mentality
  • Integrate a sales process that fully aligned with CRM


Achievement of 75% YOY growth goal in the same year as hiring SRi.
A broadened customer base due to a newly-instilled hunting mentality.
VP of Sales transformed into a world-class leader who still leads the sales organization.
Improved messaging made sales team more effective, and guided marketing investments.
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The benefit of working with a company like Sales Result is that they enable you to apply their best practices and access their thinking on the subjects of a few things. They help you to really examine the buying population of who you’re selling to. They get into who are the key contacts that are part of your sales process. They define how to differentiate what you do from what your competitors do, and how to package the things that you want your sales reps to be able to say. Using an objective, educated, and experienced third eye with expertise in selling a fairly complex enterprise solution, they help you put all of those things together.

- VP of Sales Operations