by Liz Stone April 13, 2017

Restaurant Results // In Our Backyard

Sales Result has been in business since 2003, so it comes as no surprise that we’ve established some lunch and dinner favorites by now. Our team ranges from foodies to less-experimental eaters, but despite our preferences we’ve found some great restaurants that have something for everyone to enjoy! In this Restaurant Results blog, we’re sharing our favorite spots in Seattle and Bellevue for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Bon Appétit! 

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by Liz Stone January 24, 2017

Restaurant Results // Good Eats in West Texas

Our team has collectively spent months in West Texas over the past year in a client's Odessa office. For those who are unfamiliar, Odessa lies just above the Permian Basin, which is a major production region for oil and natural gas in the U.S. The Permian is the second largest oil field in the world, with output totaling more than 2 million barrels per day. If you've read or watched Friday Night Lights, the book takes place here, and the show's town, called Dillon, is largely based on Odessa.

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by Liz Stone November 16, 2016

Restaurant Results // After Hours in Houston

For most salespeople, traveling is a part of the grind – the term “road warrior” exists for these folks. This is certainly the case for sales management and sales leadership, who are responsible for managing multiple branches or offices, visiting top accounts, and showing face at industry events.  

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by Liz Stone July 19, 2016

Restaurant Results // Beyond BBQ in Austin

We travel frequently to visit our clients, and often they take us to their favorite local eateries and watering holes. We’ve had many memorable meals with our clients and friends, and often share them to social media - yes, we're those people. Our CEO Eric recently received a comment on one such post saying “you should be a food critic” and it got us wondering… why we hadn’t we thought of this sooner?!  

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