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By Eric Morse October 19, 2018

Is Your Sales Team Ready for Disruption?

Let's spend a minute on disruption. Disruption as a word/phrase means: "A disruption is a major disturbance, something that changes your plans or interrupts some event or process."

When we look at disruption in the market or workplace; we look at Amazon, Google, AWS, cloud computing, electric cars, iPhone, apps, Walmart, and for those who remember, the personal computer and cell phone technology. So, what is the common theme between these types of disruptors?

  1.  "Power to the People". The buyer, whether B2B or B2C, wants more choices, more information, a better experience, better process, less cost, and "I want it now".
  2. These disruptors usually put the existing companies who service the market into a tailspin, or at least a complete defensive position. Examples like travel companies, book stores, IT groups, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, software, communication and the list goes on. If the existing companies do not innovate, they usually cannot compete. 

Why do we ask? Simply put, we are a people and economy of innovation. If we never innovated, what would the world be like? The market place is constantly looking for better "mousetraps" and solutions. 

So what does this have to do with sales teams? 

  1. It's 2018. You need to be a problem solver. To solve customer problems, you need to be a good listener and understand what the customer is really saying and needing to accomplish. Sometimes, we accept our customer's status quo and move on to new opportunities. In reality, this is really your opportunity to provide innovative ideas and sell value. If you are not listening to your customer or the market, you will be disrupted.
  2. If your only strategy is to protect your customer base, then you will be disrupted. You need to constantly be on the attack and grow your customer and prospects. 
  3. Are you and your team constantly adding value to your customer and prospect? If not, you need to start ASAP. Focus on understanding and teaching your prospects innovative ideas, and implementing quarterly business reviews and account planning to engage your existing customer base. If you are not doing it, someone else is and you will be disrupted. 
  4. Data is KING. Get over it people, CRM and cloud apps allow you to provide yourself and your customer with relevant data to better execute on your job. With the tools available today, there is no excuse to be wishing and hoping you will meet your revenue targets. If you do not effectively track and leverage your data, you will be disrupted.
  5. If you are not actively growing revenue you are in a death spiral. I have seen this over and over. And this leads to others coming in and taking you out.
  6. Finally, if you are not investing in your team, your strategies, coverage model, sales playbooks, processes, and leveraging them to ADD VALUE and grow the business, YOU will be disrupted. A competitor, a better idea, or a new paradigm is gunning for you. 

Ask your salespeople how they handle objections or solve customer problems, how they do account planning, how deep and wide they are in an enterprise account, how they use data, and what kind of experience they are giving the customer. Finally, asking the three WHY's in account and funnel reviews will quickly show you how ready you are for disruption.

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