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By Liz Stone December 13, 2016

Modern Marketing: Have Your CMO & Marketing Team Evolved?

The Evolution of Modern Marketing

Traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective as the consumer takes more control over the buying process and their experience in it. With the internet and multiple screens at their fingertips, buyers are becoming more informed and sophisticated with shorter attention spans and a low tolerance for poor sales and marketing attempts. We've experienced this change at Sales Result and see many of our clients struggling with it as well.

While this alteration in the consumer’s buying process been drastic and can be scary for CMOs and executives who don’t understand it, it’s not all bad! It’s a great opportunity for the business that's up to the challenge. The introduction of the internet into the sales cycle provides increased knowledge into prospect behavior, a new platform in which to reach, inform, and delight the consumer, and significantly more information about competition.

Have your CMO and Marketing Department entered the digital age? The purpose of this blog is to help executives understand that change that's underway and what a modern marketer looks like, so they can evaluate and improve their marketing efforts. 

Modern Marketing Tools and Technologies

New tools and technologies are available to the modern marketer that allows them to be more efficient than ever before. According to , a book about digital marketing, there is a wide array of marketing technologies available today, “required to build and measure business success.” These are listed as:

  • Analytics
  • Call tracking
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Ecommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Internal social networks
  • Marketing automation
  • Project management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) management
  • Social media monitoring/management
The New Marketer

Things are changing, and quickly. However, the modern marketer is a hybrid creature; they aren’t unafraid of change – they embrace it. They possess age-old good marketing traits like creativity, a strategic approach, and strong writing and communication skills, while utilizing new marketing technology and taking an analytical approach to enhance their efforts.

According to a 2013 report by Adobe, 68% of marketing professionals feel more pressure to show return on marketing spend, while only 40% believe their own company’s marketing is effective. Just 9% percent strong agree with the statement, “I know our digital marketing is working.” Uncertainty about your marketing's effectiveness is no longer acceptable – with tools at their fingertips, modern marketers need to be able to show how their work is driving meaningful results. 

Eight Traits of a Modern Marketer

The  lists eight traits that all marketing professionals should have, from the CMO down.

  1. Analytical – they use data to understand cause and effect
  2. Creative – they are outside-of-the-box thinkers
  3. Intrinsically motivated – they derive fulfillment of being part of something bigger than themselves
  4. Attentive – they pay attention through taking notes and listening closely, and process information before making decisions
  5. Social-web savvy – they understand and participate in social networks
  6. Strategic – they are able to see the big picture and connect seemingly unrelated things
  7. Tech-savvy – they stay informed about technology and consider methods to apply to their work
  8. Collaborative – they know that team comes first; egos can undermine success
Ask Yourself...
  • Does your marketing department use data and analytics to make informed decisions?
  • Can they connect their actions to outcomes and explain ROI?
  • Do they possess the eight skills of a modern marketer?
  • What marketing technologies and tools do they use?

These are all things to consider as we speed ahead into an increasingly digital age. While many companies have yet to implement strong digital marketing strategies, those that have evolved are operating more efficiently and beating their competition. Now is the time to evaluate your marketing team and identify gaps, then find the right talent and technologies to fill in these areas.

Book of the Month: The Marketing Performance Blueprint

As Sales Result’s Marketing Director, I’m committed to continual learning and improvement, and this includes reading a book a month on the topics of sales and marketing. This blog post was inspired by , my November read.

At Sales Result, we take an inbound approach to marketing and sales. This book was a helpful guide to identifying some of our own marketing gaps as well as new ways to reach our prospect through marketing technology. Highly recommend this book for marketing professionals and executives interested in digital marketing.

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